About Nannup DHS

Nannup DHS was opened at its current site in 1964 and is situated near then end of town and became an Independent Public School in 2019. We equip students for the future by focusing in on learning in all areas: academic, creative, social, emotional, physical and technological. We foster a love of learning and a culture of challenging oneself to achieve personal excellence. At Nannup DHS we ensure all students are progressing well and provide support when it is needed.  

Nannup DHS 2020 – 2022 Business Plan

The new 2020_2022_Business_Plan.pdf provides our school community with an action plan for achieving excellence in learning, innovation and community engagement. We encourage you to take the time to read the plan.

Annual Report

Each year, the school develops an Annual_Report that outlines the school’s performance in the areas outlined in its strategic plan. The report outlines student achievement and engagement, summarises priorities, and reports on school demographics and financial position. 

Public School Review

Nannup DHS took part in its first Public School Review at the start of its journey as an independent public school in 2019, providing some direction for our first business plan. Our next review is scheduled for 2022. 

School Bus Services

School Bus Services are contracted ‘orange’ school buses that provide free transport to school for eligible students – usually those living more than 4.5km from the school. There are currently four bus routes which collect students from properties beyond Nannup townsite and bring them in to school.  For more information, parents should contact School Bus Services directly.