About Nannup DHS

Nannup District High School, is a friendly school set in the hills of the picturesque Blackwood Valley, and caters for students from K-10 who live in the town and surrounding farms and acreages. Nannup DHS was opened at its current site in 1961 and has been an important part of the community since. There are strong relationships between students, staff and the wider community. Classes are generally small and provide an inclusive environment for students to learn and grow. The school’s vision is to ensure that it is an innovative learning community committed to excellence.


An Independent Public School

Nannup District High School became in independent public school (IPS) at the commencement of 2019. The School Board and staff appreciate the increased autonomy and accountability that IPS status provides. The school’s self-assessment undertaken at that time identified a need for improvement, and this assessment was endorsed by a public school review.  The review confirmed several areas of strength, with staff and parents describing the school as providing a caring, safe and orderly learning environment and recognising the close links with community organisations. The review also made a number of recommendations, including identifying programs and practices that should be implemented, modified or discontinued within a culture of continuous school self-improvement. The school has consulted with the school board, staff and parents to develop a new business plan to drive school improvement. We are committed to providing the resources, doing the work, and embracing the governance required to ensure that this business plan is successful in enabling our students to enjoy an excellent education delivered locally in their own community.




Class times at Nannup DHS

Classes commence at 8.50 am. Students are encouraged to arrive between 8.30am and 8.40am to ensure they are prepared for the day. Morning recess is between 10.40am and 10.55am and the lunch break is between 12.35am and 1.10pm. Classes finish at 3.10pm. On Wednesdays, a later start time (9.00am) and earlier finish time (2.30pm) applies.

School Bus Services

School Bus Services are contracted ‘orange’ school buses that provide free transport to school for eligible students – usually those living more than 4.5km from the school. There are currently four bus routes which collect students from properties beyond Nannup townsite and bring them in to school.  For more information, parents should contact School Bus Services directly.

Class organisation

In 2020, we have the following classes running in the school:

Kindergarten: Classes run for full days, with students attending on Thursday and Friday in Semester 1 and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in Semester 2.

Pre-Primary: Pre-primary is now the first year of compulsory schooling, and the beginning of a child’s formal education. Our pre-primary classes run from Monday to Friday. In 2020, our PP students will have their own home classroom in Room 10, but will also spend time working and playing in the Kindergarten area throughout the week.

Primary: Our Primary classes for 2020 will be as follows: Room 1 (Year 1), Room 2 (Years 3 and 4), Room 3 (Year 2), Room 4 (Years 5 and 6). Class structures vary slightly from year to year.

Secondary: Our secondary classes are organised into a Year 7/8 group and a Year 9/10 group for most subject areas, although the whole secondary group participates in sport and other activities together from time to time.

Nannup DHS 2020 – 2022 Business Plan

The new Nannup DHS Business plan provides our school community with an action plan for achieving excellence in learning, innovation and community engagement. We encourage you to take the time to read the plan.

Nannup DHS Annual reports

Each year, the school develops an annual report that outlines the school’s performance in the areas outlined in its strategic plan. The report outlines student achievement and engagement, summarises priorities, and reports on school demographics and financial position. 

Public School Review

Nannup DHS took part in its first public school review at the start of its journey as an independent public school, providing some direction for our first business plan.