School Community

Nannup DHS both supports and is supported by the school community and the wider Nannup community. The School Board and the Nannup P&C Association play a vital role in the school’s operations.

Nannup DHS School Board

The School Board is responsible for setting the school’s vision and developing its Business plan, which outlines the priorities for the school and sets targets for student wellbeing, progress and achievement. The Board also monitors the school’s finances, and contributes to selection of the principal, and sometimes other staff as appropriate. At Nannup DHS, the Board includes the school principal, two other staff members, three parent representatives, and one or more community members. In 2020, the School Board chair is a parent member, Mr Mark Wyncoll. The School Board meets twice per term throughout the year, and meetings are open for parents or staff members who wish to come along to observe proceedings. Meeting dates and times for 2020 are as follows. Minutes of previous meetings are available via the links below.

School Board meetings for 2021, held in the school library from 3.30pm usually in weeks 3 and 8 of term. 

Nannup DHS P&C Association

Nannup’s P&C Association plays an important role in supporting the school through fundraising, events, parent support, and as a communication channel between parents and the school. At Nannup DHS, the P&C has been very active in fundraising and in-kind support for school projects. The P&C has raised money for school resources, incursions and camps. Projects supported by the P&C have included the restoration of the front grassed area. The P&C runs the school uniform shop to allow families to ensure that students are dressed smartly and appropriately for school. The P&C Association has a FACEBOOK PAGE.

Parents and community members can join the organisation – membership costs $1! All are welcome to come along to meetings which are usually week 2 and 7 of term in the school library. Please sign in at the office on arrival. 

Working with community organisations

The school is proud and excited to have worked closely with the Nannup Flower & Garden Festival, the Nannup Music Festival, The Local Drug Action Group, Key Notes singers, the Nannup Historical Society, Nannup CRC, Nannup RSL, the Shire of Nannup, Nannup junior sports associations, and other local groups.


The school is very grateful to the following businesses, who provide work experience opportunities for our Year 10 students: Lucky 7, FROGS Day Care, the Shire of Nannup, Blackwood Café and Nannup Hardware.