The Arts


Nannup DHS has an inclusive and vibrant Music department. Our dedicated Music staff: Trish Wintergreen, Danielle Mayors and David Parkinson, are highly qualified and experienced Music specialists. They offer a comprehensive curriculum covering many musical styles and instrument groups from Kindergarten to Year 10.

At Nannup DHS we also offer a large variety of Instrumental Music classes. These instrumental classes are offered free of charge to students from Year 5. They include Guitar (Classical and Contemporary), Percussion (Drums and Tuned Percussion), Woodwind (Clarinet, Saxophone), Brass (Trumpet). We receive funding from IMSS (Instrumental Music School Services) who employ our instrumental staff to offer lessons and ensemble direction at the school. Instruments are provided to students which have been donated by Nannup Community. The School Choir is open to all students in the school and provides vocal tuition and direction to many of our students. 

Throughout the year, students participate in a variety of rehearsals, workshops and performances including the Nannup Music Festival, Flower and Garden Festival and the Bridgetown Blues. They also perform at many school events such as Concerts, Assemblies and the Presentation Night at the conclusion of the school year.  



The Nannup District High School Visual Arts, Design and Media program encourages students to develop an appreciation for the Arts and design, and an awareness of how art makes our world a better place, as it is artists/designers who provide both functional and decorative objects used in daily life. Our art students are encouraged to develop critical thinking skills in the design and making process, and are given the opportunity to use technology and 21st century tools.

All visual art classes from Year 1-10 are taught by a Visual Arts/Media Specialist. Students have the opportunity to explore, design and create across a wide range of art disciplines within the curriculum, such as illustration, painting, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, mixed media, 3D printing, textiles, digital art and installation art. Our high school students (Yr. 7-10) also participate in Media Arts and specialist curricula classes, such as design & technology, graphic design, photography, film making, animation, magazine/book production, forensic facial reconstruction and STEAM, with classes.

Throughout the year art/design students exhibit their artwork to the public through local and state exhibitions, such as the Nannup Flower & Garden Festival, the South West Art Trail, Banners in the Terrace, and through local galleries and venues. All Nannup DHS staff (K-10) like our students to engage with professional artists throughout the year, arranging for students to participate in community projects and art workshops, and linking to cross curricular subject areas. Students enjoy the process of creating artworks for a real-world purpose and being able to share their developed skills and knowledge.