Every day that a student does not attend school can have a negative impact on their learning. The Department of Education monitors student attendance and works with other agencies and service providers to maximise student engagement with learning. It does this in a way that builds shared responsibility for student attendance between schools, students, parents and the broader community.

The Education Department of Western Australia outlines that attendance below 90%, classifies your child as being at-risk.  In order to access the full curriculum, and give your child the best chance of success, the Department recommends the attendance rate of 95%.

The below chart gives a breakdown of the amount of time missed in a year, and if maintained, how it impacts on the future education of your child.


If your child misses…


that equals…




From Kindy to year 12 that adds up to…


Which is the equivalent of attending until:




1 day per fortnight

20 days

per year

1 month per year nearly 1 ½ years part-way through year 11 90%
1 day per week

40 days

per year

2 months per year over 2 ½ years part-way through year 10 80%
2 days per week

80 days

per year

4 months per year over 5 years the end of year 7 60%
3 days per week

120 days

per year

6 months per year nearly 8 years the end of year 4 40%